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Aniracetam – An Amazing Memory Booster

Aniracetam is basically an analogue in the family of racetam. It was developed after piracetam. Since aniracetam enters the bloodstream very fast, it is popular as a very effective racetam that helps to improve your memory, cognition and boost your mood too. This component that belongs to the racetam family is soluble in fat. Still a lot of high quality research is yet to validate this nootropic drug. Its unique mood enhancing factor makes it stands out from the rest. It is known to minimize anxiety while interacting with dopamine, choline and serotonin receptors. Apart from reducing anxiety it is also known to treat the symptoms of depression. The drug is not only highly effective but extremely safe and a very popular nootropic compound.

The benefits

Aniracetam has a range of benefits. Primarily you can relate it to the enhancement of mood and overall mental state. Studies say its nootropic effects also play a vital role in improving the learning capacity, cognition, memory and attention. The other benefits that you can expect are sharper focus, increased motivation, confidence and positivity, increased alertness, awareness and attention span, improved connectivity of the entire thought process, capacity to judge and behavioral control, improved capacity to enjoy any kind of music, boost in the overall level of energy, improved speed of recalling things, logical thinking, reduced mental fatigue, resistance from getting distracted, differentiate the colors and experiencing lively dreams. But to get the best results it is important that you note how to use this nootropic drug.

Suggested dosage

If you have just begun with the drug, then it might be a little difficult for you to decide on the right dosage of Aniracetam. To get better results, you can start with a range of 750 to 4500mg daily which should be further broken down into 1 to 4 equal doses. At the initial stage, it is suggested that you start with a small dose of 750mg aniracetam capsules and take it twice a day. Following this dosage helps you to prepare your body to get accustomed to the substance and eventually show its results. This also helps you to track any kind of side effects and stop taking it immediately.

Where to buy

Like most other racetams, you can buy aniracetam online. As per the US law the vendors need not be extra careful with this drug like they have to be, with the popular supplements. The reason behind is nootropic does not fall under the regulation of FDA. But it is important to consider from which vendor you are purchasing the drug. Some of the vendors go beyond the precautionary measures and gets a third-party test or an in-house test done to examine their products. Aniracetam being a synthetic drug need to be manufactured in a laboratory setting. Since this nootropic is manufactured in China, it is easier to get it examined and get the heavy metal tests done. The examination will determine the percentage of some of the ingredients and the heavy metal test ensures that the product does not contain anything harmful. After you buy the product, get a fair idea on how to use this nootropic drug.

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