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Completing a Mid-Winter Pool Check

If you’re like many, you close your pool each winter and may not think about it again until spring. That’s a big mistake! Even in winter, you give a bit of thought to your pool. In doing so, you’ll make it easier and less stressful to get it up and running again when the temperatures rise. Consider these simple steps you should take to complete a mid-winter pool check.

  • Check the Cover – Sweep off the leaves, check the straps for security and make sure there are no unexpected holes. You count on your cover to keep your pool safe from all the worst the winter has to offer, so make sure you give it a little extra attention throughout the season.
  • Test Water Chemistry – While you may not need to keep the pool water at the perfect levels for swimming, if things are WAY off, you may need to step in and do a little extra in regards to winter treatment. If you keep your water chemistry in order over the winter, you’ll spend less time AND money getting it ready for swimming in spring.
  • Inspect Pumps and Filters – Make sure that the cold weather, lawn equipment or anything else hasn’t damaged your heavy duty equipment. If there is a problem, you’d rather find it now where you can take your time to get it fixed–rather than on the day you planned to open the pool for the season.

In addition to these basic inspection steps, you may want to talk to an expert at your local pool supplies store and find out if there is anything else that is of a local concern. Remember, pool maintenance is something you do ALL year round–not just during the warm weather swimming months!


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