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Cool Job Perks That Keep Employees Happy

It’s a proven fact that happy employees make businesses run more smoothly. It’s also a fact that keeping hard-working employees is a difficult task. However, that doesn’t mean it has to be impossible.

Employee perks are a terrific way to raise morale among your workers, but they can sometimes be expensive, hard to manage, or both. Still, creative minds have done what they do best by discovering several helpful ways to achieve the unthinkable: generating a quality product using a good business model that includes affordable job perks for your employees.

The Top 5 Employee Boosters

Keep in mind that these ideas can and should be tailored to your company’s unique needs and are in no way a complete list of the different programs or incentives that you can schedule for your personnel.

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  1. Feed Them

The inconvenience on a worker to provide himself or herself with a mid-day meal is both expensive and chaotic. You can relieve some of their stress while giving them an energy boost for the second part of the workday by serving snacks or lunch from a local (or affiliated) vendor. The cost to the business is usually quite manageable (depending on the size of your staff), plus it can improve performance and increase work speed significantly enough to pay for itself over time.

  1. Help Them Unwind

Offering your employees memberships to a local yoga class is a terrific way to show them you care, not to mention a surefire method to get them ready for another hard day at work. Certain types of yoga have been proven to reduce stress, elevate mood, and even improve the person’s overall health, which could be seen as preventative maintenance by some insurance companies. If your area doesn’t offer yoga classes, set up on-site groups using your own employees as instructors.

  1. Keep Them Looking the Part

The appearance of your workers directly reflects on the managerial capabilities of your business. Giving your people a professional dress advance creates a sophisticated workplace atmosphere without putting undue pressure on your employees to comply. The cost is beyond feasible considering the return on morale and reputation, not to mention it’s an “advance” which means it’s eventually paid back by the employee. Just be sure to set up multiple pay-off options for workers with varying budgets.

  1. Make Them a Part of the Family

The value of having on-site childcare services for your employees is often understated. Just think about all the times you have had someone call in to work because they didn’t have a proper babysitter for their kid. A daycare in your facility can provide a solution that also helps keep employees happy by ensuring the safety of their child. It allows parents to stop by mid-day for a visit, which can boost their moods and give them a refreshed reason to work hard.

Employees endure so much pressure to perform at their best while saving a little bit for their personal lives. When those things become unbalanced, work performance begins to decrease and happiness is compensated for during business hours. Keep things on an even keel by offering your employees job perks that they’ll actually use.

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