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Delicious Local Cuisine With Halal Food In Medan Indonesia

When you want to try local cuisine in Medan, there are no needs to hesitate because there are many halal foods in Medan Indonesia for those of you who forbid to eat certain food ingredients because of believe. Medan is a city that gives you many options for travel. If you travel to Medan, you can visit the sights with beautiful panorama, deep understanding of local culture, or try local cuisine in Medan.

Many people eventually will be eager to try many local cuisine halal food in medan Indonesia tour. No need to wonder, in Medan there are many delicious foods that can be tried when culinary tour. Some unique dishes will only be found in Medan, because the people of Medan have their own seasoning recipes in cooking food. The characteristic of spices used by the people of Medan is what makes a lot of delicious Medan dishes are very unique and interesting to try. Here are some local dishes Medan is highly recommended for you to try.

  1. Lontong Medan

Lontong is the main meal for breakfast for most people in Medan. Lontong is made up of a mixture of rice cake, bean anchovy, tauco, noodles, peanut sauce, vegetable sauce, and also red and white crackers. Some people also add eggs and meat as a side dish. In addition, Lontong Medan is also given sauce with spices containing coconut milk to increase the taste of food.

  1. Mie Gomak / Gomak Noodles

Mie Gomak / Gomak Noodles are local food in Medan with noodles as the main ingredients. This noodle originally came from the Balige area on the shores of Lake Toba. As the times progressed, the noodles were then transformed into the typical cuisine of Medan people. What makes this unique, raw material from making this noodle is only sold in North Sumatra. Commonly called mie lidi (mie lidi is Indonesian language that mean noodles that look like stick) because it looks like a stick. Besides eaten just like that, this noodle can also be mixed with lontong or peanut sauce.

  1. Soto Medan

Soto Medan is a typical soup of Medan made from a mixture of vegetables, broth, broth, and meat. In Medan, Soto Medan has a unique taste in which the sauce on this dish is different from other Soto in general. Soto Medan contains coconut milk in the sauce. In addition, the sauce on the Soto Medan is also given the typical seasoning of Medan so that makes the taste of this cuisine more unique.

  1. Boiled Shells

The culinary night in Medan is full of various options. One of them is a typical Tanjung Balai boiled shell. There are many night stalls in Medan that provide this food. What distinguishes one stall with another stall is the sauce. There is pineapple sauce with a special blend of pineapple with spices that makes this dish become popular.

Make sure to taste delicious local dish above when you do halal food in Medan Indonesia travel. The recommended dishes above are guaranteed to be delicious to meet your appetite. In addition to the dishes recommended above, you can also try a variety of other delicious cuisine in Medan.

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