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Diabetes: What should you do?

If you are diabetic, that doesn’t mean the end of the world and neither does that mean that you can’t eat what you always loved to eat. You are just to choose good and healthy food habit. Amongst the healthier choice is to eat a lot of vegetables and fruits. This is because vegetables and fruits have low calories and heavy nutrients. But it is not that every fruit is good for diabetes, some fruits are better than others in managing diabetes. If you look at the table of the low-glycemic index, you can easily find out foods which wouldn’t spike blood sugar.

Fruits and vegetables are good for diabetes, but also you need enough of calcium and proteins. You also need good gut bacteria from sources like low-fat milk, kefir, and Greek yoghurt.

The best choice is to use meal replacement smoothies for diabetes which is full of all nutrients but has low calories. If you don’t add any extra sweetener agents into the smoothies, they are always good for your health if you are diabetic and you can have them on a regular basis.

Here is few diabetes smoothies recipe that you can use:

  • Smoothie Superfood: As the name suggests, it is a superfood as it has rich berries which are antioxidant. Avacado has healthy fat. There is protein too in this smoothie. When you buy yoghurt, you should be careful that it has low sugar; else you can go for unsweetened yoghurt.
  • Smoothie Strawberry: A diabetic created this recipe. It tastes great, and to it won’t upset your diabetes. You add Greek yoghurt and soymilk which makes it smooth and creamy.
  • Smoothie berry blast: You might think that berries are sweet, but it has low sugar on the glycemic index. You can also add mango and coconut milk if your berries are tart.
  • Smoothie peach: For a perfect afternoon refresher, there is nothing better than a smoothie made of peach. It also contains huge amount of calcium.
  • Smoothie Greenie Green: You can drink vegetable juices if you don’t want to eat salads. Mixed with tart apple and pear, kale or spinach would make greenie green smoothie.

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