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The Steroid Efficiency That Only Produces Good Results for Each User

Agovorin Depot is an injectable steroid in water, similar to testosterone suspension, but with a different action. It is the most common water-steroid in Europe.

Testosterone isobutyrate is an injectable steroid containing the testosterone isobutyrate ester in a water suspension. Among bodybuilders and athletes, testosterone isobutyrate is often synonymous with testosterone suspension (without ester). Although both steroids are suspended in water, their effects in the body are quite different. While testosterone suspension has an extremely rapid action, requiring a dense, even daily injection, testosterone isobutyrate is released more slowly in the blood, medically being given once every two weeks.

As an injectable form of testosterone, Agovirin Depot is appreciated for its ability to deliver rapid gains in muscle mass and strength.

Testosterone isobutyrate

Intestible testosterone isobutyrate suspended in microcrystalline solution was discovered in 1952. It was created as an alternative to free testosterone or propionate, in order not to require an equally dense administration. This is possible by creating a microcrystalline deposit in the muscle with low water solubility, thus releasing the hormone into the blood slowly. With time other testosterone esters appeared, the most popular being enanthate, and so testosterone isobutyrate began to have a low commercial success.

Testosterone has a very low water solubility, so when an ampoule is left undisturbed, the steroid separates from the aqueous solution. Before use, shake well to mix the two elements.

The side effects are similar to those of propionate testosterone. Aromatization is possible, especially at high doses, so keep some anti-estrogens such as Nolvadex or the powerful Arimidex. Thus, it can cause gynecomastia or water retention and fat retention, yet the risks are lower than with other forms of testosterone, such as enanthate, cypionate or Sustanone.

The weekly dose for someone using it for muscle mass is 200-400 (4-8 ml) mg. Injections are a bit more painful because of the ester, but also because of the large volume of injected fluid. In order not to inject too soon, it is divided into several sessions a week, once every 2 or 3 days. Due to the isobutyric ester, intramuscular injection is slow. The manufacturer recommends the use of large, 21-gauge needles, but such a diameter will leave the injection site painful, so it is preferable to use a 23 or 24 gauge needle even if it takes longer to inject.

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